In the Data era, capturing growth is about innovation, either by building new businesses or reinventing existing ones.

We welcome you to join us in the big data revolution and hope that this book will
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Data Transforming Farms

The current era is farming is being driven by the application of data. Data trumps weather, and can serve as the fertilizer for future crops. However, the goal is not just to collect data, but to act on it. Read the sample chapter here.

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Data Evolves the field of Medicine

The Data era in medicine will be defined by a shift from intuition/opinion to data. Collecting data and applying it to healthcare problems will transform the cost and effectiveness of medicine. The question is how quickly we can get there.

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Data Personalizes Retail

 Retail, by definition, is mass market. It has been through every era. While subtle changes in approach have occurred, very few have captured the intimacy of the original corner store. In the Data era, mass marketing can reclaim the corner store experience.

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